We understand that everyone is different.

At Simply Sports, we provide an equal opportunity for any person with a disability to improve their quality of life through exercise and physical activity.

By taking the time to understand someone’s unique challenges and personalizing activities to their abilities, we hope to build an environment where our Learners can build confidence, improve their physical and mental well-being and socialize with their peers through the medium of sports and sports-related play.



我們其中一位創始人通過有一個患有遺傳性疾病 Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome (WHS) 的弟弟,意識到這個問題在 SEN 社區中是更加嚴重。此外,根據在志願服務和專業場合獲得的經驗,我們證實了這個問題在香港是系統性的事實。這點燃了我們提供積極改變的承諾。








We take great pride in our tailor-made courses that are designed with our Learners in mind to ensure that no one is left out.

Our Founders firmly believe that our Learners deserve an environment that enables them to develop their aptitude and confidence through physical activity.

Our goal is to ensure that every Learner is on an equal playing field and is able to approach their personal challenges with safety and support. Our coaches, or “Guides”, are dedicated to ensuring that each Learner finds a healthy balance between fun and challenge when joining a Simply Sports class. Click below to learn more about our background and aspirations.

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Zachary Wong

By growing up in Hong Kong and the United States, which are both very competitive cultures, I have learnt to relentlessly explore any new opportunities that arise. My university background (International Affairs) and my post-graduation degree allowed me to gain a deeper understanding about the world around me. Since then, I’ve realized altruistic actions satisfy my mental well-being more than self-seeking projects. My career choices have also reflected this change in mentality; I can now apply my interpersonal and problem-solving skills towards educating the next generation.

Zaki Collins

A lifetime of enjoying sports and fitness from the perspective of a player and a coach, as well as having a younger brother with special needs has naturally led me to the realization that often these worlds do not interconnect. Through some key experiences as well as influential mentors I have seen the benefits that physical education can have on society, specifically those with special needs or physical disabilities that others have deemed unsuitable for exercise. Through my coaching and outreach; I hope to help change this stereotype and bring the benefits of physical education to all.

王書賢 (Zachary Wong)

我們的創始人王書賢在香港和美國長大。在探索私營部門的領域後,他意識到自己對教育的真正熱情。利用他在各種組織的 15 多年志願服務中獲得的技能,他意識到在 SEN 社區進行體育活動的必要性。他也發現到與學員建立穩定的長期關係是創造一個安全的環境的必須條件,讓學員可以充分發揮他們的潛力。這就是王書賢與合夥人 Zaki Collins 創立純• 運動的原因。

Zaki Collins